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Lloyd Cook Rentals and Storage

Homes, Apartments and Storage Units

LLOYD COOK RENTALS, LLC provides rental homes, apartments and storage units in Zillah & Toppenish, WA ONLY. We manage ONLY properties we own. The Company provides Clean, Quality, Updated rentals with polite, skilled and responsive maintenance. Owners & employees are local & take pride in serving our tenants. 

VACANCIES are posted on our website as they become available. Please see Vacancies Page. If there are no Vacancies listed, we are full. We keep applications for 90 days and also forward to our Leasing Agent.

 \Rental Application is First Step. Pick up a paper application & envelope at the property or our Storage Building in Toppenish at 18 N A ST. Please mail it to PO Box 778, Zillah, WA 98953. OR, Open the PDF Fill-in Form,below, download and save to your computer or phone, then save it after you have filed it in. When complete, click on [email protected] email address at top left and application will be sent via email. If you don't download and save the form , it will be blank when you email. Must turn in an application before you call. See Instructions on Application.

RENTAL APP - Click on Download Form, Fill in, Save, then Click on top left [email protected] address to send via email or via smart phone. OR COPY,PRINT, EMAIL OR USPS Mail, FAX or Drop-off at Storage Building

Properties are rented on the basis of a minimum one year lease with an approved application, including mandatory non-relative landlord references & income verification. No leases are allowed to expire between 11-01 and 03-01 of each year. Depending upon when you sign a lease, your lease may be longer than 12 months. 

Dan Churchill represents us as as our leasing agent in Sunnyside Washington. Dan provides Bilingual tenant communication, receiving, reviewing & final approval of tenant applications, finalizing leases, as well as collecting rent. Your application will be forwarded to Dan after we receive it. The Application is the first step. Dan does not take phone calls about properties. We do. 

For Property Maintenance Requests ONLY, Please text or call 509-949-1951 (English and Spanish) during business hours M-F. Text is preferred. Do not call after 5PM or on weekends unless you have an Emergency. An Emergency is a dangerous problem with Electrical, Plumbing, Heat, Hot Water, Sewer, or Exposure to Weather due to break-in or broken glass or door. If YOU clog your drain or toilet, that is not an emergency, You should call a plumber. Leaking water or sewage is an emergency - please text or call & describe problem. AC Units not functioning is not an emergency. Send a text message to 509-949-1951 or 509-949-5526 if non-emergency and we will get back to you during normal hours.

LLOYD COOK RENTALS SELF STORAGE FACILITY is located in Toppenish at 18 N A Street across from the community swimming pool on Lincoln Avenue. The entrance is on B Street. Our Maintenance Crew starts out each day there and picks up payments and applications but there is no person sitting there all day. Our storage units are among the largest available with three sizes; 8'x20 is $90, 12' x 20 is $100 and huge 12' x 30' is $110 per month. The phone number to ask about Storage Units is 509-829-3365. or for Espanol, call Bruno at 509-949-1951 (L-V 8AM-4PM solamente). Please call only during regular business hours. Storage units are rented by appointment only. Storage Unit Holders can access their unit 24 hours per day. Units are protected by a locked main gate and each storage unit is locked using the storage holders own lock and key. Units have lights inside on a timer. The Interior Plaza is well lit and easy to drive around. A Security Camera System System will be installed in Winter 2019. Storage units are rented on a monthly basis.

LEASE POLICY - Review only if you need more explanation:

Our Lease Terms are a minimum of twelve (12) months. No leases are allowed to expire between 11-01 and 3-01 of each year. In this case, a lease may be longer than 12 months. No hold over to month to month lease. A New lease may be signed at end of first lease. Tenants must notify us in writing 20 days before the end of their signed lease date (usually the 10th of the month) whether they want to renew their lease or not. Notices given after 20 days of the end of the lease date does not relieve the tenant of responsibility of rent before the end of the lease date. Security Deposits may not be applied against last months rent. If you don't pay your last months rent, we will send you to collection and keep your deposit as a breech of your lease terms. If you want to rent from us, these are the conditions. If you don't agree, then don't ask to rent from us. We are a small family business, we take care of our tenants and properties.

 A new annual lease is required at the conclusion of a prior lease. After the first lease, any subsequent lease will be 12 months. Any unusual situation, which we reserve the right to approve on a month to month agreement, will be at $200 higher than under a annual lease. Pay attention to your lease ending date. THIS IS GIVING YOU CLEAR NOTICE THAT ALL LEASES MUST BE RENEWED FOR A MINIMUM OF 12 MONTHS OR, IF YOU DON'T SIGN A NEW LEASE, YOUR MONTH TO MONTH RENT WILL INCREASE BY $200 PER MONTH. THIS INCREASE IS BECAUSE WE HAVE THE RISK OF NOT KNOWING WHEN YOU WILL BE LEAVING IF YOU ARE NOT ON A LEASE.